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Nervana Product Launch

Nervana is a music listening device that generates an electronic pulse, stimulating the vagus nerve and creating a calming effect.  This video was created to introduce the product on the consumer market. 

Ever Upward

Aerial Reel
Wonderland Now employs the latest methods and technology when the occasion calls for it to bring your clients an experience like no other.  In addition to FAA certification for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (drone) operation, we work in Virtual Reality (VR), 360 immersion experiences, projection mapping and whatever comes next.

Sizzle and Pop

sizzle reel
This sizzle reel shows the vast range of film production both commercial and entertainment we’ve produced and directed over the years.  Wonderland Now has always been about story telling.  Your story.

In any medium,, we bring eye-popping content and deployment strategy right to your customers and clients fingertips. Whenever. Wherever.

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